Check your statement

Type of work Journal ID Web page
Bulk Mail 1MAILSERV1
Mail Metering 1CENTRLPST
Printing, Copying 10345PRT1

The Mailing Services billing cycle ends three working days before the end of each month, except June which is the last working day of the month. To check your department’s charges and billing history, you’ll need the mail-code number assigned by UI Mailing Services (9-digit number for UI and hospital departments, 28-character alphanumeric for UI Foundation, and 29 or 35 digits for UNI).



Payment methods

Printing & Copying

Inter-departmental Requisitions (MFK), M-numbers (Copy Centers only), cash, and UI-ID charges.

Bulk Mail

Mail-code cards, Inter-departmental Requisitions (MFK)

Mailing Services, metering

Mail-code cards, Inter-departmental Requisitions (MFK)


If you order printing or copying for University-related purposes, you may pay with cash or charge to your university bill by using your UI identification card.


Standard UI requisitions, mail metering account numbers, and Print & Copy Center Services “m-numbers” are the methods for payment. M-numbers represent standing accounts and are not the same as the MFK numbers the University uses. To obtain an m-number, send a completed requisition with two signatures to the Business Services accounting office, 130 MBSB, or fax to 384-3727.

To establish a mail metering account number, download and send a completed order form to Mailing Services. You will receive cards printed with a bar code specific to your department. Attach it to all bundles of mail that you wish to have metered. The bar code is scanned before your mail is processed, providing an easy, accurate way to record your charges.