Placing an Order

Printing and Mailing Services has a new web order form with enhanced features and efficiencies for our customers.

  • Easily place new print and mail orders through one convenient portal
  • Access a history of your orders
  • Copy previous orders for quick submission
  • Save drafts in progress
  • No more paper requisitions! The new form utilizes Universal Workflow for necessary approvals*
  • Add multiple products to a single order

To access your past orders, and to create new ones, click here


* Please note that this form is set up to utilize your department's default workflow path for approvals. The workflow administrator(s) in your department are able to create new custom routes for the form if needed.

How to convert Power Point files to print ready PDFs


The following process should work for most Microsoft applications to ensure files are ready for printing. Please look over your final PDF output to ensure that everything has converted correctly. 

From the application's Print screen: 

1. Select Adobe PDF as your printer

2. Click on Printer Properties

3. In the Default Settings option from the Adobe PDF Document Properties window, select "High Quality Print"

4. Click Ok in the Adobe PDF Document Properties window to close the window and return to the Print screen

5. Click Print 

6. In the "Save PDF File As" window, choose a name for your file, a location to save your file, and then click Save


Below are screenshots for each of the above steps

Power point to PDF steps 1 - 2
Power point to PDF steps 3 - 4
Power point to PDF step 5
Power Point to PDF step 6